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Sooo some people were actually interested in the Berserk teas i made and i had more ideas so i made another batch l-lo. (i still have more ideas so if anyone has a specific request…)

The Scout: (spiced green, blackberry, cinnamon, strawberry pieces) Calm, grassy, and warm with some underlying spice and sweet flavors of berries, this blend is reminiscent of the forrest. It’s subtle, but definitely not forgettable.

The Witch: (cherry green, pomegranate, earl grey lavender, strawberry pieces) Fruity and sweet with a bit of a dry aftertaste, this blend is light but certainly not to be underestimated. Perfect for waking you up and restoring energy to you.

The Apprentice: (rooibos peach, spiced green, chamomile, raspberry pieces) Quiet and mild with little caffeine, this tea is sweet with a slight kick to it to show that it still has room to grow.

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    As a British Berserk fan this is relevant to all of my interests.
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